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‘Peter Pan’ Flies Into Lucerne Valley

By Peter Day
After months of rehearsals, the Lucerne Valley Elementary School Drama Club actors transported three separate audiences to Never, Never Land during the presentation of the classic tale of “Peter Pan.”
Directed by Chris Pennington and LeeAnn Lambert, LVES Drama performed three shows, Friday and Saturday evenings with one Mother’s Day matinee on May 12.
The cast consisted of more than 25 young actors who brought the fanciful story of a young boy who can file and never grows up to life. In a create casting decision, Zoey Davis and Daphne Demke shared the lead role with one taking the two-act show’s first half, and the other taking the second. When Zoey and Daphne weren’t playing Peter, they assumed the role of the Crocodile.
Evan Lambert portrayed Pan’s Shadow and also Tootles while Yuccel Rocis was Tinkerbell. Captain Hook was portrayed by Arelyn, Wendy was played by Scarlett, Tiger Lily was played by Belinda.
Other roles were played by Aubrey Stiles (Winkie), Ariana Garcia (Stellar), Marly (Mother), Irvin Angeles (Michael), Cody Blackwell (Great Big Little Panther), Seth Hite (Lean Wolf), Omar Garcia (Tattoo Bill and Skylights), Derby Demke (Smee), Charlie Rogers (Harry), Chailyn Hite (Pearl), Rickie Simpson (Moonglow) and Rileigh Rollins (Sparkle).
Additional roles were played by Faith Hernandez (Flashy), Caleb (Father), Aidan Moore (John), Angelica (Nana), Lona Malone (Nibs), Emma Rogers (Terry) and Valkyrie Simpson (Starfish).
Playing a huge role in bringing “Peter Pan” to life are the costume and set designers who captured the tone and color of the play. Victoria Enright served as the stage manager and former LVES actor Kylie Lambert, now an LVMHS 7th-grader, served as the assistant stage manager.
The ever-dedicated Lambert family weren’t done, however. Joe Lambert once again served ably as the sound and lighting engineer. Steve Boggio was Joe’s assistant sound and lighting technician.
Directors Pennington and Lambert previously directed the Drama Club’s holiday production, “The North Pole’s Got Talent!” They have taken over directing duties from teachers Luichoy Hirschhorn and Kay Hall, who oversaw the program for several years.
The LVES Drama Club thanks Sarah Courtney and Joei Miller of LVES Booster Club and Burt Umstead, LVES principal, for their unwavering support.
Peter Day currently is a social media manager for the Lucerne Valley Unified School District.
Photos by Chris Pennington
Peter Pan, played by Zoey Davis here, featured a cast of more than 25. Actresses Zoey Davis and Daphne Demke shared the roles of Peter Pan and the Crocodile.
Actress Daphne Demke plays Peter Pan here.
Peter Pan (Daphne Demke) comforts a dying Tinkerbell (Yuccel Rocis).