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Principal's Message

Dear Lucerne Valley Elementary School Community,

With the ever-changing economic atmosphere swirling around education today, it is imperative that we keep our mission clear and concise. We as a school community must continually be focused on continuous improvement with regard to Learning for all of our students. You will notice a school-wide focus on three behavioral targets that permeate our school. These areas include: safety, respect, and responsibility. Aligned with these behavioral targets are the Learning questions we continually address at Lucerne Valley Elementary school:

1. What is it we want all to students to know?
2. How will we know if students know or don’t know?
3. How will we respond when students know or don’t know?

As you can see our mission to continuously improve is large and will show student success over time.

We have an increased focus on both intervention and enrichment for students this year. This can be seen with our new After School Tutoring Program and our new Intervention Specialist on campus. Our Electives program offers a great variety for students. We are excited you are here and we want you to take full advantage of these opportunities.

Finally, we encourage your student to participate in the many extra-curricular and co-curricular opportunities that are offered at Lucerne Valley Elementary School. Research has continually shown a link to school and student success with these types of activities. Please encourage your student to participate. One final note, be sure to keep us up to date with your student’s information so we are able to keep our records accurate. This will go a long way in keeping communications clear between home and school.

On behalf of the entire Lucerne Valley Elementary School staff we are looking forward to working closely together as parents and teachers to support our students. We are so excited that your are with us at Lucerne Valley Elementary School.

Yours in Learning,
Burt Umstead - Principal