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LVES Holds Annual Family Science Night

Lucerne Valley Elementary School held its annual Family Science Night event on Thursday, February 6. Assistant Principal Ricky Anderson greeted families and presented the awards. The follow are the award-winners:
Environmental  - Angelica Sanchez, Jennaeve Terrill, Tanya Cortez from Mrs. Pennington's 3rd grade class "Can plants stop erosion?"
3rd K-3 - Arelen Campuzano, Valkyrie Simpson, Jolene Oidtman from Mrs. Pennington's 3rd grade class "What solution breaks down oil in water the best?"
2nd K-3 - Axel Rochin, Jack West, Angel Reyes from Mrs. Pennington's 3rd grade class "What kind of storage keeps fruit freshest the longest?"
1st K-3 - Jovani Ceja-Gonzalez from Mrs. Stiles' 3rd grade class "Which bat will hit a ball the farthest?  Wood or aluminum?"
3rd 4-6 - Lona Malone from Mrs. Eller's 4th grade class "Air or CO2?"
2nd 4-6 - Aubrey Stiles from Mrs. Hall's 4th grade class "How's your brain power?"
1st 4-6 - Elijah Peck from Mrs. Paddack's 6th grade class "Do bigger parachutes have more air resistance than smaller parachutes?"
Following the award ceremony, family members viewed projects in the school’s multi-purpose room and in several classrooms. First grade projects were in Room EC6, second-grade projects were in Room 17, third-grade projects were in Room 14, fourth-grade projects were in Room 23, fifth-place projects were in Room 24, and sixth-grade projects in Room 18.
All first place projects were in Goulding Hall. Family Science Night was organized by teacher Leah Paddack.
A variety of activities were held throughout the campus. Activities included STEM Activities for Little Learners, Magic Milk, Fun with Worms, STEM Activities for Kids, Discover the Unseen - Microscopes, High Trails Fun, Edible DNA, STEM Lab Fun, Cement or Concrete? Compost Soil and Fingerprints.
Also, guests from High Trails Science Camp, the Mitsubishi Educational Foundation, the Lucerne Valley Garden Club, and the Lucerne Valley Roadrunners all helped make the night fun by putting on a fun activity along with the teachers for the community to enjoy.