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L.V. Public Education Foundation Again Donates Over $3,500 to Support Early Literacy

LVUSD Staff Report
The Lucerne Valley Public Education Foundation recently approved over $3,500 to support programs at Lucerne Valley Elementary School during the 2020-2021 school year.
The Foundation met again with Mr. Chuck Bell about the past round of grants and the upcoming ones. The committee is going to meet again and is looking for more grants in January. We hope to have a Literacy Night once further guidance/protocols from the County will allow larger groups to meet due to COVID-19.
The Foundation is a charitable organization registered as a 501c3 in the United States that operates under the belief that strong schools build strong communities. The organization is committed to the support of helping children build foundational skills through early literacy, to support programs within the district, and to support other areas as needed.
The Foundation is inspired by the creativity and innovation we see in our public school classrooms, said Lucerne Valley Unified School District Superintendent Peter Livingston, a member of the Foundation’s board.
“By supporting our schools in helping build their foundational skills and supporting other programs we are creating a better future for our students and for our community. The grants issued are all in support of the school and go above and beyond the curriculum.”
Joining Mr. Livingston on the board are Mr. Chuck Bell, whose late wife Julia Bell was a beloved educator, school principal and school board member, local banker Brooke Diegmiller, LVES Booster Club President Sarah Courtney, longtime educator Vici Miller, and the school district’s Chief Business Official Doug Beaton.
“Chuck Bell has been an integral part of building the mission and vision of this Foundation to support early literacy projects for our district in our early learning center,” Mr. Livingston said. “He wants to see our students get the necessary support in the early learning center to be successful in school.”
“This Foundation supports the Julia Bell Early Learning Center,” said longtime school board member Tom Courtney. “Julia’s heart was reading to children. She always volunteered to do this.”
Programs supported include technology to help third-graders have more opportunity for hands on learning in literacy above and beyond the curriculum, sets of chapter books for small group reading for second graders, additional resources to support curriculum in first grade, a purchase of books to support the community at the school literacy evening, a handwriting curriculum for our Transitional Kindergarten and Kindergarten students, and leveled reading books for first grade.
The Foundation has supported bilingual books for a take home program with English Learners so students could read with their parents who may not speak English and resources for our intervention program for take home reading. The Foundation enables teachers to fund programs, activities and related supplies that they otherwise couldn’t afford, according to LVES teacher Laura Raschke.
Mr. Courtney, whose daughter Sarah Courtney serves on the foundation board and as president of the LVES Booster Club, sees the foundation’s assistance as a key to the school district’s continued commitment to its students.
“My dream now is to utilize the learning center for Pre-K and TK as it was meant to be,” Mr. Courtney said. “We have an opportunity to educate our youngest and fully prepare them for a life of learning.”
If people want to support the group before the end of the year and make contributions:
First Mountain Bank
Lucerne Valley Public Education Foundation
PO Box 2100
Lucerne Valley, 92356
Or you can visit First Mountain Bank if you would like to make a contribution.