68 LVES 6th-Graders Promoted to Middle School

Under a blue sky and with American flags waving in the breeze, 68 Lucerne Valley Elementary School sixth graders were promoted to middle school on Wednesday, May 26.
As family members sat expectantly in the bleachers at Lucerne Valley High School’s Ron Peavy Field, Principal Ricky Anderson led the students from the gymnasium to the field as “Pomp and Circumstance” played over the public address system.
Lucerne Valley Middle High School’s Cadet Corps under the direction of Jacob Sedillo, presented the colors, which included the attendees reciting the “Pledge of Allegiance.”
Samantha Whitehall then gave the first of three student speeches.
Promotion certificates were presented by a team of educators. They were Mr. Kiamco, Mrs. Hankins, Ms. Lopez, Mrs. Miller, Ms. Oyadomari, Mrs. Paddack and Ms. Tibbs. Also in attendance on the dias were Superintendent Peter Livingston, Assistant Superintendent Nate Lambdin and school board Vice-President Jessica Risler.
Chailynn Hite gave the next student speech.
Third Trimester Awards were presented by Mr. Kiamco, Mrs. Hankins, Ms. Lopez and Mrs. Paddack.
Evan Lambert gave the final student speech.
LVES Assistant Principal Mrs. Joanna Mora closed the event with words of inspiration.
With the students onstage, Kool & The Gang’s “Celebrate” played over the P.A.
The following students were promoted from Lucerne Valley Elementary School to Lucerne Valley Middle School:
Edgar Archila, Patrick Atkins, Genesis Ayala, Maria Calderon Andrade, Mabely Cazales Zamora, Julio Chavarria, Chasaty Contreras, April Cortes, Juis Cortez, Sebastian Craycraft, Kelsie Crossland, Dutch Demke, Alain Duran Virdrio, Alexandria Edwards, Simon Evans, Roberta Fernandez, Natalie Flores, Ariana Garcia, Addisyn Gardner, Grayson Gavitte, Brody Geist, Jonathan Gonzalez, Natalia Guerrero, Taylor Hanna, Jourianna Harris, Mahaylia Harris, Emmalee Hendrix, Brian Hernandez, Chailynn Hite.
Xzavier Julien, Izzabella Kerestessy, Shelby Kerestessy, Odin Koogle, Evan Lambert, Noel Larios, Iraina LeAire, Alexander Macias Garcia, Danika Mackay, Khloe Martinez Smith, Yareli Melendrez, Christian Molano, David Molina, Emily Murray, Anthony Navarro, Valeria Ortega, Taylor Paddack, Leilany Pantoja Silva, Savanna Parma, Benjamin Peck, Jasmine Pepper, Xorai Perez, Brandon Peterson, Haiden Rollins, Javien Ruiz, Desiree Ruiz, Nathaniel Ruiz, Viviana Sanchez Mendoza, Patrick Sanders, Justin Sakata Fritzler, Alexis Seaver, Kennyth Smith, Maxwell Stiles, Kaylene Stout, Wyatt Surber, Kaden Tinder, Christopher Vaughn, Tina Walker, Samantha Whitehall.