Special Guests Read on Read Across America Day

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Cadets from Lucerne Valley High School read a Dr. Seuss book to Lucerne Valley Elementary School students on Read Across America Day.

On Wednesday, March 2nd the elementary school celebrated Dr. Seuss’ birthday and Read Across America Day with some special readers. The morning started out with the parent drop off crew welcoming students and families as they entered the gate. Staff wore Cat in the Hat items and Dr. Seuss character items. 

Later, High School students and Eagle Leadership students went around classrooms and read to students. The High school brought over 4 students: Robert Cook, Rochelle DuBoise, Theresa Kintigos, and Chloe Evans to help celebrate with the elementary school kids. Cook is a 12th grader in Cadet Corps who is the battalion commander and also a team captain in basketball and cross country. DuBoise is a 9th grader in Cadet Corps and company commander. Kintigos is a 9th grader in Cadet Corps and S-6 position (Tech support). All 3 donned their Cadet Corps uniform as they read to the elementary students. Chloe Evans is in 9th grade and is currently playing softball. She also played basketball and volleyball. After the visit, the group reflected and shared the following: “It was nice to make people smile.” “I liked doing this activity, because it reminded me when I was little.” The group also shared that it was fun to reminisce and walk the halls of the school. Many went back and chatted with their former teachers like Mrs. Lane, Mrs. Paddack, Mrs. Hall, and Mrs. Hannon. 

Not only did the school have some high school visitors, some of the 6th grade Eagle Leadership students also went into classes to read to students. The classes got to see Derby Demke, Brody Curtis, Lona Malone, Jennifer Hernandez, and Kynndra Partner. The kids had a great time and we were grateful to have the support from students and staff to share their love for reading.