LVES Promotes 71 Sixth-Graders

Seventy-one 6th graders were promoted on May 25th at the Middle High School.
A total of 71 Lucerne Valley Elementary School students were promoted from 6th grade during May 25, 2022 LVES Promotion Ceremonies at Lucerne Valley Middle High School. Several hundred family members, friends and school staff members were in attendance to celebrate the occasion at one of the largest gatherings in memory in the Sgt. Brian L. Walker Memorial Gymnasium.
Principal Dr. Ricky Anderson welcomed attendees as the 6th graders walked into the gym to the processional, “Pomp and Circumstance.” He welcomed district administrators, parents and guardians.
The school year started slowly but the activities — and achievements — were many as the year progressed, Dr. Anderson said. Some of the school’s most important achievements: starting 6th grade sports at the Middle School, the electives started back up, the school’s Drama Club put on a stellar performance of “Moana,” and the school placed first in the MEEC Solar Oven cooking competition. One of the biggest achievements was Lucerne Valley Elementary School receiving a coveted California Pivotal Practice Award by the State of California. In closing, he encouraged the students to continue to have high expectations. “We will continue cheering from afar,” he said.
Following Dr. Anderson’s speech, Ms. Lopez performed much of the emcee duties, introducing speakers and others. Student Garret Kintigos led the “Pledge of Allegiance” followed by student speeches by Isabella McCuistion, AnnaLea Lattin and Jennifer Fernandez.
Teachers Ms. Lopez, Mrs. Hankins, Mrs. Klinger, Mrs. Tardibuono and Mr. Farrell presented the promotion certificates. Students Scarlett Sanchez Alcantar and Victoria Enright gave speeches followed by closing remarks by Vice Principal Joanna Mora.
“Don’t be afraid to step out of your comfort zone,” Mrs. Mora said. “Be open to the opportunities that await you.” 
The promotion concluded with “Celebrate.”
Sixth graders who were promoted:

Jonathan Aguilar, Marisol Alcazar, Caitlyn Alpizar, Mario Alpizar, Jakob Avila-Barajas, Leland Blackwell, Monserrat Calderon, Nataly Calderon-Cota, Julian Casian Castellon, Jayden Connely, Jose Cortes, Fabian Culley, Brody Curtis, Faith Davis, Derby Demke, Darren Diaz, David Diaz, Joseph Elias, Jackub Ewing, Jilia Fearn, Jennifer Fernandez, Izaiah Garbay, Kevin Gramajo, Zachary Hale, Jude Hendricks, Faith Hernandez, Seth Hite, Annabel Housler, Manuel Juarez, Aalexia Kennedy, Garret Kintigos, Carle-Jo Lacey, Miguel Larios Serna, AnnaLea Lattin, Xitolic Lopez, and Saul Lopez Castillo.
Also, Lona Mclone, Vianca Martinez Ortiz, Isabella McCuiston, Cristobal Mendoza Cardenas, Daria Mendoza Cardenas, Megan Michal, Bobby Mizer, Diana Morales Aispuro, Brandon Morales-Salcido, Anelsi Nunez, Nicole O’Brien, Judith Orozco, Alizalynn Pacheco, Kynndra Partner, Christopher Pastlethwait-Kocsis, Jacob Quintero Vargas, Tyson Rippee, Daniel Rocha, Desiree Rodriguez, Emma Rogers, Emmaline Roy, Paola Ruiz, Melissa Sanchez, Cheyenne Sigler, Abigail Silva, Carlisle Smeltekop, Aiden Sosa, Aubrey Stiles, Alizah Tejada, Alexandria Torres, John Tucker, Eric Urrutia, Raelynn Vilanueva, Elijah Williams.
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