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Three LVES 6th-Graders Win 3-D Printers

Printer group
From left, Dexter Enright, Mrs. Figueroa, Gabriel Garcia, Mrs. Tardibuono, Mark Hart, Mrs. Klinger, Mrs. Hankins, and Christine Torres display one of the Creality Ender 3-D printers to be given to the three winners. (Photographer Peter Day apologizes for the blurry image)
Another example that the Lucerne Valley school community is a family, at the beginning of the school year Mark Hart created a DonorsChoose project page to enable donors to donate toward a project for 6th-grade students to win a new Creality Ender 3-D printer. Last Friday, with all Lucerne Valley Elementary School 6th-graders waiting in anticipation, the three winners were announced.
The three winners of the Creality Ender printers were Christine Torres (from Mrs. Klinger’s class), Dexter Enright (from Mrs. Tardibuonos’s class), and Gabriel Garcia (also from Mrs. Tardibuonos’s class). 
Since the beginning of the 2022-23 school year, 80-plus sixth graders have been coming to the STEM lab — which is run by teacher Mrs. Figueroa — once a week to create original 3D designs on Some of the design challenges they completed were futuristic cars, buildings, charms, and puzzles. Also, all of the sixth graders created a custom bookmark, which was printed on the lab's Dremel 3D printer.
A longtime employee of the Lucerne Valley USD, Mr. Hart is a member of the highly regarded Maintenance & Operations team that has performed a vast number of improvements to the two school sites and district office. makes it easier for anyone to help a teacher through donations.
Above is an example of a design by student Christine Torres.
Above is an example of a design by student Dexter Enright.
Above is an example of a design by student Gabriel Garcia.
Jakob and Carmine
The above bookmarks were created by students Jakob Flores and Carmine Marin.