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LVES Promotes 82 6th-Graders

Mora 2
May 25, 2023
Families gathered in the Sgt. Brian Walker Memorial gymnasium on Wednesday, May 24, 2023 to watch as their children, some 82 strong, were promoted from Lucerne Valley Elementary School’s 6th-grade.
Principal Mrs. Joanna Mora welcomed the attendees and talked about the class of promise and unique talents who now become the high school class of 2029. “This class has had a great year,” said Mrs. Mora. “Have confidence in your abilities and treat others with respect. Your actions can make a positive difference.”
Sixth-grade teachers Mrs. Hankins, Mrs. Klinger, Ms. Lopez and Mrs. Tardibuono presented the promotion certificates to cheers and applause.
Students Aurora Berletich and Brody Curtis were selected to give student speeches.
In closing, longtime LVES teacher Mrs. Kay Hall presented the Eagles SOAR Presentation.
“I see the dreamers, scholars, and athletes,” Mrs. Kay Hall said. “I see teachers and homemakers, and scientists and bankers and doctors. I see aunts and uncles. I see much more.” She talked about how together the students got the “second worst pandemic our country has ever suffered through.” She affirmed their ability to move forward and find successful, happy lives.
The event then showed images of the students and what they want to be when they grow up. There were doctors, nurses, professional athletes, teachers and much more.
The sixth-graders who were promoted:
Juan Agapito, Cash Aguilar, Joselyn Noe-Alavez, Jesse Allen, Masina Amotai, Natasha Aragon-Gonzalez, Jacob Archila, Brenda Baltazar Antonio, Lexi Barnes, Aaliyah Bryd-Hutchings, Ashley Caballero Romero, Arelen Campuzano, Jovani Ceja Gonzalez, Oliviah Chamberlain, Edward Chavarria, Leobardo Contreras, Kayla Corlew, Mayra Coronel, Mitzy Coronel, Tanya Cortes Ramirez, Melanie Cortez, Vanessa Cortez, Ximena Cortez, Jesus Cruz, Ameekatheren Davalos, Benjamin DuBoise and Alejandro Elorza. 
More promoted are Dexter Enright, Jakob Flores, Solaire Galvan, Gabriel Garcia, Omar Garcia, Johnny Godoy, Crystal Gonzalez Naranjo, A’Lexis Groger, Andrew Hacker, Lane Hansen, Kapri Hernandez, Gabriel Herrera, Liam Hite, Ayana Jaimez-Solorio, Victor Jaimez-Solorio, Brandon Keiser, Anika Koogle, Bennie-Lynne Langford, Sophia Lara-Jimenez, Maritza Larios Serna, Chester Leal, Mariah Levinson, Julian Lopez, Geovanny Macias Garcia, Carmine Marin, Jade McCrudden, Sofia Medina, Jada Monterrozo-Rosales, Jonah Moreno, Dylan Nunez, Jolene Oidtman, Angel Perez, Lily Perry, Aaron Pinedo, Colton Reichow, Angeles Roane, Axel Rochin Limones, Kyleigh Rodrigues, Elisa Rodriguez, Kinzie Rollins, Rileigh Rollins, Adam Romero, Angelica Sanchez, Valkyrie Simpson, Miley Smith, Jennaeve Terrill, Christine Torres, Yacquelin Trujillo, Austreberto Valencia, Jose Virruete Contreras, Abigail Watkins, Jolene Whitehall, Alexander Wolverton and Vayda York.

Produced by Lucerne Valley USD Social Media
Writer: Peter Day
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