Kaitlyn Logan, Kathy Clements Named Employees of the Month

Employees of the Month
From left, Superintendent Peter Livingston, school board members Tom Courtney and Jessica Risler, Employee of the Month Kaitlyn Logan, school board president Chelsea LaGrange, vice-president Jason Hansen and school board member Jim Harvey. (Elementary School Employee of the Month Kathy Clements was unable to attend the award ceremony). Photo by Olga Fisher.
Staff Report
Middle/High School English teacher Kaitlyn Logan and Elementary School SAI instructional aide Kathy Clements were named Employees of the Month at the February 8, 2024 meeting of the Lucerne Valley Unified School District’s Board of Trustees. Superintendent Peter Livingston presented the awards.
Certificated - Kaitlyn Logan 
English teacher Kaitlyn Logan, who also serves as the district’s English Language Learners coordinator, has shown an outstanding dedication and hard work, Mr. Livingston said, echoing the comments from Lucerne Valley Middle/High School administrators. “Her commitment to excellence has not gone unnoticed, and it is with great pleasure that we are able to recognize Kaitlyn as the Certificated Employee of the Month.”
The administrators said, “Kaitlyn’s exceptional ability to build a strong rapport with her students, parents, and her colleagues is truly commendable. Her willingness to go above and beyond her daily duties, coupled with her continuous efforts to enhance her teaching skills, sets a remarkable example for everyone around her. Kaitlyn’s inquisitive nature and proactive approach in seeking improvement through asking questions and communicating effectively with staff and parents reflect her unwavering commitment to the betterment of the educational experience for all involved. 
“Furthermore, her positive demeanor and genuine passion for her work have undoubtedly made a significant impact within our school community. Kaitlyn’s enthusiasm is infectious, and it has contributed to creating a supportive and inspiring learning environment for all. 
“Kaitlyn has taken over as our District English Language Learners Coordinator and has done so seamlessly. She is always looking for better ways to support our EL students while continuing to try and get more parent involvement. She has worked hard learning this new program and has done a tremendous job organizing meetings and preparing staff and students for their upcoming assessments. 
“Kaitlyn’s dedication and hard work embody the true spirit of an exceptional educator, and it is a privilege to have the opportunity to work alongside someone as remarkable as her. Kaitlyn’s contributions have made a lasting and positive impact, and we are truly grateful for all that she does.”
Classified - Kathy Clements 
This month, the Classified Employee of the Month is Kathy Clements from the elementary school. Kathy, who was unable to attend the board meeting and will receive her award at a later date, has been a Specialized Academic Instruction instructional aide at LVES since 1995, making her the third longest employee at LVES.
“Her love for our SAI students is apparent in her daily interactions with them,” said her administrators. “Kathy creates caring and respectful relationships with the students she works with, creating an atmosphere of safety and trust. Students working with Mrs. Clements know her expectations for behavior and academics and they continually strive to meet them.”
The nominating information continued, “Kathy is always willing to go above and beyond to assist our staff in any capacity needed. She works with students from four different grade levels and student’s individualized needs are always at the forefront of her decision making process. She also has an excellent rapport with the other instructional aides in her class, as well as the teacher she is assigned to. Kathy has been an anchor in a classroom that has seen its fair share of teachers come and go, even mid-year. She has been able to provide stability and a deep understanding of the instructional and emotional needs of the students in her care.
“Mrs. Clements is exceptionally knowledgeable of her students’ individualized education plans and ensures that we are doing everything possible to safeguard that they have all the educational and emotional supports to be successful in the class she supports.
“We are grateful for Kathy’s continued work here at LVES. Her commitment to our school community as well as our students’ social and educational needs are what led us to choose her as our February employee of the month!”