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LVES Eagles 6th Graders Compete in Olympics

Olympics winners 6th grade
The winners of the 6th grade Olympics gathered together wearing their medals.
Photos by Mrs. Stephanie Klinger
The Lucerne Valley Elementary Eagles held their 6th grade Olympics on February 14, 2024.
“It was an epic class vs. class vs. class vs. class battle of athleticism!” says 6th grade teacher Stephanie Klinger.
Mr. Farrell hosted several events for the 6th grade students: hurdles, 100m dash (boys and girls), relay races (boys and girls), long jump, discus, and the shot put. The results were as follows:
100 meters
100 Meter Dash - Girls Winners
boys 100
100 Meter Dash - Boys Winners
100M Dash Girls and Boys:
1. Malachi Smith
2. Cole Stiles
3. Josiah Gonzalez
1. Abigail Klinger
2. Deyanira Perez-Cortez
3. Aleyah Ferguson
boys hurdles
Hurdles - Boy Winners
girls hurdles
Hurdles - Girl Winners
Hurdles Girls/Boys:
1. Jaxon Avila-Barajas
2. Josiah Gonzalez
3. Xavier Robinson
1. Abigail Klinger
2. Iris Guzman
3. Kiera Johnson
boys long jump
Long Jump - Boy Winners (no picture available for the girl winners)
Long Jump Girls/Boys: 
1. Genesis Burgos
2. Neveah Bryant
3. Josie Dibble
1. Anthony Velasquez Guardado
2. Brian Moretz
3. Cole Stiles
Boys discuss
girls discus
Discus Girls/Boys:
1. Juan Negrete Sanchez
2. Anthony Velasquez Guardado
3. Izrael Perez
1. Abigail Klinger
2. Alissabeth
3. Lilliana Berletich
boys shot put
Shot Put - Boy Winners
girls long jump
Shot Put - Girl Winners
Shot Put Girls/Boys:
1. Emanuel Lupercio
2. Emilio Lopez Castillo
3. Ashton Roane
1. Diana Calderon Andrade
2. Payton Hite
3. Leah Rivera
The overall class medal count winner was Mrs. Klinger's class.