Originally From The Beach, Teacher Jacqueline Lopez Loves Teaching in Lucerne Valley

Jacqueline "Jackie" Lopez (Facebook photo)
Staff Report
When teacher Jacqueline Lopez was 9 her family moved to Lucerne Valley, but she wasn’t exactly jumping with excitement.
“My family and I lived 10 minutes from the beach, and then we made a huge shift to move to the desert. It was not an easy move, but in the long run, I am really happy that I am here. I still love the beach, but I love the quiet starry nights here in Lucerne even more!”
After moving, she soon started going to the Elementary School and started fifth grade with Mr. Deisler.
“Mr. Deisler was one of my favorite teachers at the Elementary School. Not only did he make learning fun, but he also went the extra mile for students and their families and had a very personable way about him. He was also really funny! I continued my education in Lucerne with more amazing teachers at the high school and graduated a few years after with the class of 2010.”
Soon after graduation, she went to Victor Valley College to complete her undergrad and then transferred to California State University of San Bernardino to obtain my Bachelor’s Degree in English Literature. She followed that by enrolling in a teacher’s credential program and began her journey into becoming a teacher.
That same year she visited the LVES campus to attend Mr. Deisler’s retirement party. “I was able to reconnect with a few other alumni, teachers and even talk about job opportunities there as well. It was the lovely Dolores Barela who recommended that I apply to LVES, and so I did and here I am! It has now been about six years and I cannot imagine being anywhere else!”
Perhaps the best part about her journey is that her first classroom where she had Mr. Deisler as a teacher is also the class that I am teaching in. It is one of my favorite things to tell my students.
“This classroom that they love is one that has always had a special place in my heart. More importantly, I am reminded of the memories from this classroom and inspired by the wonderful examples left to me by my teacher that was here before me.”
Previously she had visions of becoming a prosecution attorney. She had just finished her Bachelor’s Degree and was preparing for the next steps. But her heart told her there was something more.
“I came to the realization that I wanted to do something more meaningful to me. I had spent many years tutoring during my time at the university and something about teaching and helping others started to change my mind. I ended up needing some extra nudging from my older brother, who is also a teacher in my field, and he was the one who helped me enroll in the right program and prepared me for the best journey of my life.”
Now in her sixth year, Ms. Lopez knows she chose her best career path.
“I am so happy that my career path has kept me here, in a town that I absolutely love. I am able to work with an amazing group of people and have built lasting friendships that I truly treasure. I have been truly blessed to work at an amazing district with great families and administrators. We have a great community that is always incredibly supportive and I am truly grateful to be a part of it.”