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Dr. Kiti Frierer-Randall "Changing the Trajectory of Our Students"

Dr. Kiti Randall came to LVES on Wednesday, March 14th, to talk with the LVES staff.  She talked about how building relationships with students is the most important piece of the puzzle when helping students to succeed.  Through a consistent, predictable, positive and safe environment our school can begin to change environmental learnings that students bring to our school.  We as a school, can build a positive learning environment for our students by building a system that supports students in a consistent, predictable, positive and safe manner. 
Dr. Kiti is a Pediatric Neurodevelopmental Psychologist with extensive experience, spanning over 27 years, with infant, child , and adolescent populations.  She has specialized expertise in the areas of pediatric psychology, trauma, and pre and postnatal substance exposure.  Currently she works as a consultant expert on high risk 0-5 year olds.  Dr. kiti Randall is Director of Psychological Services, Department of pediatrics and Public Health at Loma Linda University.

Dr. Kiti has dedicated her career to providing direct service and/or training to children, families, professionals, organizations and committees to enhance the physical, cognitive, emotional, and spiritual lives of children and their families in order to promote optimal and healthy living.