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LVES Family Science Night Showcases STEM Learning

The community came out to see Lucerne Valley Elementary School students’ science projects at the school’s annual Family Science Night on Thursday, March 15.

School principal Burt Umstead served as event emcee in Goulding Hall where all first-place projects were displayed. The remainder were in classrooms where special projects and activities were conducted by teachers and students. Mr. Umstead also announced overall and Spirit Award science project winners.

“We enjoyed another successful science night,” said teacher Mrs. Leah Paddack, who served as chair of the 2018 Family Science Night. “The students worked hard on their projects and demonstrated the scientific method in new and interesting ways this year. The staff really helped make the night special by hosting activities in their rooms that our community could enjoy. Everyone did an amazing job.”

The LVES science project winners for 2018:

Spirit Award 4-6 — William Reitdyk
1st Place Overall — Gavin Hirschhorn
2nd Place Overall — Kylee Lambert
Spirit Award 1-3 — Willow Sanchez
1st Place Overall K-3 — Evan Lambert
2nd Place Overall K-3 — Taylor Paddack

Evan Lambert’s “Brine to Beverage” project also won the Mojave Environmental Education Consortium’s Outstanding Science Project Award.

Overall winner Gavin Hirschhorn titled his project, “Shake, Rattle, and Roll.” The project answered the question, “What kind of supports can be put on a building to withstand an earthquake?”

William Reitdyk’s project answered the question: “Which household product will preserve an apple the best?”

Kylee Lambert’s award-winning project, “Totally Turbinal,” answered the question: “What wind turbine blade design will work the best to catch wind?”

Willow Sanchez’s project, “Crystals,” hypothesized that kosher salt will grow the best of available crystals because salt takes out water faster.

Taylor Paddack’s project, “Oil, Oil Everywhere,” answered the question, “What type of oil is the easiest to clean up from an oil spill?”

Class activities during Science Night included fun STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics) activities, Puzzles with Patterns, Magic Milk, Plastic Bag Science, Candy Estimation, Constellations, Paper STEM Activities, Balloon Racecars, and a Water Cup Challenge.