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REVIEW: LVES Drama Stands Tall in ‘Giants’

By Peter Day
Social Media Adviser
The Lucerne Valley Elementary School Drama Club has made tremendous strides in recent years, but the production of “Giants in the Sky” is a quantum leap.
Touted as “A New Children’s Music” by the children’s musical team of Denver Casado, who composed the music and lyrics, and Kerry Kazmierowicztrim, who contributed lyrics and wrote the book, “Giants” tells the tale of giants (think “Jack and the Beanstalk”) who live above the clouds. In this case, it’s not just one behemoth but a veritable community of giants. The musical admittedly is a nod to the famous composer Stephen Sondheim’s “Into The Woods,” which features a song with the same title as the children’s production.
With ear-catching melodies and peppy, contemporary arrangements, “Giants” is a perfect opportunity to showcase the singing of the Drama Club and, wow, we’ve got some talented singers at the school. Kylee Lambert, who plays the character Finn, kicks things off with poise and grace. Not only can she act (Kylee is also developing as an effective public speaker), but she possesses a wonderful singing voice.
But Kylee Lambert is just one of several stars that shine in “Giants.” Ciara Quintana (Heeshee) wowed the audience while singing “Down There.” She was joined by young actor Irvin Angeles, who portrayed Bert. The Angeles brothers (Kevin Angeles is Irvin’s sibling) have been lighting up the stage of late with their spirited singing and acting.
Others with key singing and acting roles in the opening scenes included Zoey Davis, who also demonstrates talent for the stage, Kayden Davis, Jadyn Paddack, Telina Chicca and Serenity Petroff. Evelyn Stafford plays Ernst, Kaitlyn Bruce is Gene, Alyssa Jackson is Bev, Jasmine Torres portrays Abe and Gavin Hirschhorn, another special thespian talent, plays Phlem. Rounding out the cast is Alexah De Lira, Chloe Evans, Rylee Giles, Bailey Warnock, Evan Lambert, Taylor Paddack, Marly Jones, Braxton Cervantes, Jayden Bruce, Timothy Bruce, Evie Hernandez, AnnaLea Lattin, Dusty Ward, Angelina Escalante, Aidan Johnson, Jayden Aguilar and Daytona Bronas.
The LVES Drama Club production of “Giants in the Sky” is directed by Mrs. Hall and Mrs. Hirschhorn. Costumes and Props were created by Mrs. Lambert. Lighting and sound were provided by Mr. Lambert, and backdrops were created by Mr. Miller. But like all LVES Drama productions, even more people helped make the production possible. Those people deserving special acknowledgement are the LVES Booster Club, Leann Lambert, Joe Lambert, Jim Miller, Joei Miller, Aubry Hirschhorn, Ena Giles, Crisdena Bruce, Britta Smith, Leah Paddack, Marina Chicca-Wilding, Sarah Warnock and Lisve Ochoa.
“Giants in the Sky” opened Friday, April 20, and closes on Saturday, April 21, in the school’s Goulding Hall. The curtain opens at 5:30 p.m. on both nights. Tickets are $3.
Peter Day, a former local newsman, has been observing the ever-improving LVES Drama Club for the past five years.