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Teachers George Deisler, Patty Byrd Honored At Retirement Party

When teacher George Deisler joined the Lucerne Valley Elementary School staff in the early 1990s, America was listening to the rhythmic sounds of singer Janet Jackson, stars Richard Gere and Cindy Crawford were a hot item and TV phenom Barney loved everyone (and we loved him). That was 25 years ago, and since then Mr. Deisler has seen trends change, presidents come and go (Bill Clinton was the U.S. president when the teacher first came to Lucerne Valley) and many students come through the school, graduate Lucerne Valley High School and start families of their own.
On May 15, former students and retired teachers came to LVES to celebrate the retirement of Mr. Deisler and teacher Patty Byrd, who is retiring after 12 years of service. The festive event was held in Goulding Hall and featured remembrances by current and former staff along with words by current Principal Burt Umstead, who gave each a plaque. An array of sweet goodies was served following the presentation.
Among the retirees who came to join in the celebration were Linda Kessler, Lavonne Brayson, Nina Hart, Tony Vecchio, Betty Chadwell, Paul Zyskowski and Sharon Smith. 
Both residents of Big Bear Lake, the soon-to-be-retired teachers are eager to enjoy more time in the fresh mountain air and spend time with family. Mr. Deisler is looking forward to learning to play guitar and visit his grandchildren in the state of Washington and the Bay area. Mrs. Byrd is going to lace up her hiking boots and explore the trails near her home. She also will do some traveling and plans to go to Minnesota to visit family and spend time with her grandchildren.
Among the guests were siblings Katelyn Miller and Dylan Miller, both students at Lucerne Valley High School. Katelyn, had Ms. Byrd; Dylan had Mr. Deisler as a teacher.
“Mr. Deisler’s lessons were sticking with the game, even when it gets rough, keep going,” said Dylan, who is in the 2018 graduating class. “Mrs. Byrd taught us things I’ve carried all the way through high school,” said sophomore Katelyn, an officer in the Lucerne Valley FFA program.
The last day of school is on Friday, June 1.
GROUP PHOTO CAPTION: Fellow retirees joined soon-to-be retired teachers George Deisler and Patty Bryd at their retirement party. From left to right: Linda Kessler, Lavonne Brayson, George Deisler, Nina Hart, Patty Byrd, Tony Vecchio, Betty Chadwell, Paul Zyskowski and Sharon Smith.