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Principal’s Message 


Greetings Lucerne Valley Elementary Families, 

Welcome to the 2022-2023 school year. My name is Joanna Mora and I am the new Principal. I am not new to this school though. For the past two years, I served as the Assistant Principal under Dr. Anderson. Since coming aboard, I have seen a lot of changes, especially since I started my first year here during a pandemic. I have also seen our little school grow. When I started, we had about 450 students and now we have grown to over 600 students.  

This year we are beginning enrichment classes that will include PE, Music, STEM and Art classes. We have an amazing group of educators, and these activities will only add to the level of excitement students have for learning and being in school each day. We will also be relying on our school counselor to assist us in building student self-esteem and compassion for others through team-building exercises and one-on-one meetings. We have also added a second intervention teacher to assist our students in meeting their academic goals. As always, we will focus on students learning and embracing our SOAR values: 

Safety first 

On time, on task 

Act Responsibly 

Respect Self and others 

These expectations are taught in every classroom and by every staff member to ensure the safety and well-being of every child. 

I am also proud to have a new Assistant Principal, Suzie Manley, working side by side with me to enhance classroom instruction, provide support to all staff, and to ensure that students feel welcome, safe, and valued. I believe that collaboration and communication between staff, students and parents is necessary for the overall success of any school and that we are all working towards that common goal. Please feel free to contact me at the site if you have questions or have academic needs. I look forward to meeting you and seeing you before and after school and during our various events at Lucerne Valley Elementary School. 


Joanna Mora